I created Baby Compact based on my own needs. For many years, we lived together with our baby daughter in a small London apartment, and our lifestyle required a lot of travelling.

Sometimes we all travelled together and other times it was just my daughter and I. Either way, I had to bring many heavy and bulky baby products with me, which made travelling an unnecessarily stressful experience. I knew that we were not alone since these days frequent family travel goes with the territory of modern parenting.

Our desire to live a mobile and compact lifestyle increased my need for practical childcare products that would help me on my travels and support my day-to-day life in our apartment. I wanted to have products that would not take up much space and were easy to put away when not in use. Living in London also made me see that there was a huge demand form many design conscious parents like myself for well-designed, discreet baby products.

After having our second child, I know feel that I am ready to take these ideas to the next level. I have decided to make my life and others easier by introducing a range of childcare products that not only create more freedom for the family, but also look and feel great. With Baby Compact, there is now space for everything in your life as a parent – including you!

Lena Mellander