Bib Easy – Convenient & Simple Bib

Take Away

Bib Easy is perfect for when you are out and about or travelling. Instead of bringing one or more bibs, just take Bib Easy.

Simply attach a napkin or paper towel to the clips to create a simple bib. The paper towel or napkin can be unclipped afterwards, which avoids the need to put a dirty bib back in your bag.

And since there is no need to wash it, wherever you are, this convenient bib will always be in your bag or pocket.

It is also used by adults f.ex. at crayfish parties, pregnant women or anyone in need of covering their clothes

  • Adjustable length: Fits both adults and children
  • Colours: Various coloured webbing.

icon_2Video: Bib Easy – 0:55 min

Bib Red
Bib Blue

Bib Girl
Bib Boy